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Tag: Energy Star

Tax Free Holidays

The law provides for tax free holidays on WaterSense and Energy Star appliances up to a total of $1500 with only one device over the cost of $500 allowed (Friday, September 19th and September 21st). Energy Star *Clotheswashers… Read More

When To Turn Off Your Lights

  Since they are already very efficient, the cost effectiveness of turning CFLs off to conserve energy is a bit more complicated.  A general rule-of-thumb is this: If you will be out of a room for 15 minutes… Read More

Compact Fluorescent Lighting

Courtesy of Shelley Swenson UF/IFAS Wakulla Extension FYCS/EFNEP Agent II  According to the EPA, in 2007, Americans saved $1.5 billion by switching to ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs.  The energy saved could light all the households in a city… Read More