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Category: Agriculture

Onions: A Hardy Crop That Stands Up To North Florida Winters

  By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director The arrival earlier this week of frigid winter weather in Wakulla County by way of 2017’s first polar express has changed the gardening landscape. Only the hardiest vegetables have survived,… Read More

Trap Cropping: Another Effective Way To Control Insects

    Gohar Umar Extension Agent FAMU Nature has a way of making life as easy as possible, but it will not happen fast so planning is critical to success. One means is by putting some plants (trap… Read More

Welcome the Air Potato Leaf Beetle

A small, but brightly colored beetle has appeared in north Florida: the air potato leaf beetle (Liliocetis cheni), a native of East Asia. The beetle, less than half an inch long, has a candy apple red body that… Read More

Crabgrass Is Lawn Pest And Livestock Forage

By Les Harrison Wakulla County Extension Director Sometime taking the low road can have some real advantages. Granted, flying under the radar or being a bottom feeder does have certain negative implications when it comes to a public… Read More