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Control Weeds In Fence Rows Now

Unmanaged fence rows can hide an assortment of problems

Un-managed fence rows can hide an assortment of problems

Spring is a demanding time of year for north Florida’s farmers and ranchers.  Time is at a premium and the work requirements are strenuous and seemingly without end.

It is easy to overlook or delay chores which are not screaming for immediate attention.  Weed control on fence rows is one such task.

While general fence maintenance is normally relegated to slower winter months, weed control can be effectively accomplished in the spring when these nuisances are emerging from dormancy.

Smilax, dewberry, night shade and a host of other pest reside on and near field and pasture fences.  In addition to serving as site for seed production, the un-managed fence rows can harbor insects and diseases with destructive potential for the fenced crop.

For more information read the following UF/IFAS publication on fence row management,  Weed Management in Fence Rows, and/or contact your local UF/IFAS Extension Office with weed identity questions and control options.