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Cleaning Household Linens and Furnishings

Cleaning Household Linens

Cleaning Household Linens

Courtesy of Shelley Swenson
UF/ IFAS Wakulla Extension

Beds:   Due to the complex construction of modern
mattresses, renovation is usually not possible. It is best to buy a good used mattress or a new mattress. If a mattress must be used temporarily, scrape off surface dirt and wash with a bleach solution (3/4 cup  of bleach to 1 gallon of water) to clean and disinfect the mattress.  Use gloves when washing the fabric and then expose the mattress to the sun. Turn occasionally to dry. Household fans may also speed up the drying process. Cover mattress with plastic or a rubber sheet before using it. For Tips on Cleaning Pillows, Blankets, Linens, etc. read more here…..

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