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Aloha! It’s a Florida Macadamia Field Day!

Have you ever considered the possibility of growing an alternative tropical crop? You’ve heard of Mediterranean crops introduced to Florida for commercial production but what about tropical? I’m specifically referring to Macadamia! This is a high dollar specialty crop is commercially produced worldwide in Costa Rica, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In the US, Hawaii ranks #1 in nut production, followed by California then Florida.

This large robust tree thrives in Florida landscapes yet very few growers are aware of its potential. Now is your chance to learn about commercial Macadamia production in Florida.

On May 3rd, 2018 we will be holding the FIRST EVER Florida Macadamia Field Day for adventuresome growers/investors. This Field Day will be held OUTDOORS located in Plant City (Hillsborough County) at Ken Brackins’s Macadamia Grove.

Field Day Location:

Ken Brackins’s Macadamia Orchard

East 838 FL-60, Plant City, FL 33567 (Hillsborough County)



The Field Day starts at 9:00 am and runs until 2:15 pm. The cost is $20 which includes lunch. Why not stop by and learn about Macadamia production in Florida? Ken has been in production for over 7 years. Have I piqued your curiosity? This may be something you might want to consider?! Registration is available through EventBrite ($3.50 processing fee for Credit Cards). If you prefer, you can pay by check (payable to THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA) or by cash mailed to the address provided below. Be sure to include in the memo ‘Florida Macadamia Field Day’.

CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO REGISTER – The agenda is located at the link site.

Address payments of check or cash to:

Attention: co/ Karen Stauderman, UF/IFAS Extension Volusia County, 3100 E. New York Ave., DeLand, FL 32724-6497 

Telephone: (386)822-5778


Hope to see you there!

4 Comments on “Aloha! It’s a Florida Macadamia Field Day!

  1. I will consider attending this interesting outdoor seminar on growing macadamia nut trees. Do you know if these trees can be successfully grown as far north as Gainesville, Florida? Thanks. Rick

    • Commercially, we are not quite sure. It is such a new crop to our state that we have no real data yet. It grows at a 22 degree latitude and as low as 36 degree latitude. Gainesville falls right in the middle. Make sure that the site has well drained soil and lots of sunlight. It is a BIG tree. Perhaps you’ll be the first macadamia explorer and test it out. Good Luck! Let us know-

      • Hi,

        Do you know where I could purchase a dwarf variety? Thanks!

        • I’m sorry but I am not aware of any dwarf cultivars of Macadamia trees.