Feed the Future Haiti AREA


The Feed the Future Haiti Appui à la Recherche et au Développement Agricole (AREA) project, also referred to as the Support to Agricultural Research and Development (SARD) program, is a project to enhance and expand Haiti’s ability to address food insecurity and undernutrition by strengthening and supporting Haitian public and private agricultural institutions.

Haitian women at market Gender matters in Haitian agriculture (11/26/2018) by Charles Boisseau - Researchers and policy experts worldwide say one of the keys to improving agriculture and nutrition in developing countries is to address a “gender gap.” Studies show one reason the agriculture sector underperforms in these... Read More
Training Haitian farmers to adapt to climate change (11/26/2018) by Caroline Staub - Choice architecture is the design of the ways choices can be presented to people and the impact these presentations have on people’s decision-making. For example, someone’s choice is influenced by the number of options... Read More
Leaders of Haiti’s state agricultural college tour UF/IFAS labs (11/14/2018) by Charles Boisseau - By all accounts, Haiti’s nearly century-old State University of Haiti’s Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (FAMV) was an impressive green oasis in Port-au-Prince, graced by a majestic stand of mangoes and a modernistic... Read More
Un étudiant en Master développe un modèle pour aider les agriculteurs haïtiens à gérer les risques liés aux changements climatiques (8/22/2018) by Remixon Guillaume - In English En grandissant en Haïti, Josué St Fort a très tôt pris connaissance des nombreux défis auxquels les agriculteurs haïtiens sont confrontés. Ses deux grands-pères étaient des agriculteurs et ils lui ont appris... Read More
Haitian grad student developing model to help Haitian farmers manage risks of climate change (8/1/2018) by Charles Boisseau - En française As a boy growing up in Haiti, Josué St Fort learned firsthand about the many challenges Haitian farmers face. Both of his grandfathers were farmers, and they taught St Fort from a... Read More
Sign at new weather station installed by AREA at Bas Boen CRDD in Haiti Des chercheurs d’AREA supportent le sector agricole haïtien afin d’addresser les risques liés aux changements climatiques (6/8/2018) by Charles Boisseau - Read the English version. PORT-AU-PRINCE, le 8 Juin 2018 — Alors qu’Haïti entrait de plein fouet dans la saison cyclonique qui a débuté la semaine dernière, des scientifiques, avec le support de l’Agence Américaine... Read More
Sign at new weather station installed by AREA at Bas Boen CRDD in Haiti At start of hurricane season, UF researchers assist Haiti’s agricultural sector address climate-related risks (6/8/2018) by Charles Boisseau - Lire la version française de l'histoire. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, June 8, 2018 — As Haiti entered the Atlantic hurricane season last week, University of Florida scientists supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development are stepping... Read More
Jene Thomas USAID La Conférence sur l’Éducation Agricole en Haïti conçue dans une perspective de partage continu (5/17/2018) by Charles Boisseau - Read the English version. Les universitaires qui ont participé à une récente conférence parrainée par l’Université de Floride sur l’éducation agricole en Haïti ont déclaré que le plus important pour eux serait de réutiliser... Read More
Jene Thomas USAID Haiti agricultural education conference designed to keep giving (5/15/2018) by Charles Boisseau - Lire la version française de l'histoire. Scholars who participated in a recent University of Florida-sponsored conference on agricultural education in Haiti said the biggest takeaway is what they will take back to use in... Read More
Absalon Pierre teaching professors in Haiti as part of the Faculty Development Academy. UF-managed AREA project to host Haiti’s first conference on agricultural teaching (5/1/2018) by Charles Boisseau - PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Haiti has long suffered from food insecurity, and a conference May 3-4 will explore one way of ending it: Improved teaching about agriculture. The Innovation in Agricultural Education conference will help... Read More
Haiti to Miami map Haiti agricultural officials tour Florida (4/13/2018) by Charles Boisseau -   Research officials from Haiti’s Ministry of Agriculture and an R&D center crisscrossed the Sunshine State recently to soak up knowledge about the University of Florida’s agricultural research and education centers, Florida agribusinesses, state... Read More
Lemane Delva, second from left, and Antonio Antoine, far right, with two attendees. Haitian businesses learn space-age innovation to improve food handling (3/13/2018) by Charles Boisseau - When they signed up for an intensive two-day training on food handling and processing, Haitian business operators didn’t know they were about to learn an innovation developed by the U.S. space program. No, it... Read More
Haitian college Haitian college students complete newly revamped farm internship program with help of IFAS Global (3/5/2018) by Charles Boisseau - JACMEL, Haiti — Every year, a group of students at the State University of Haiti’s Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine (FAMV) leave the classroom to work directly with farmers as part of an... Read More
Professionals aim to lower Haiti’s high level of crop losses (12/26/2017) by Remixon Guillaume - PETIONVILLE, Haiti — Agricultural experts from across Haiti gathered recently to learn ways to solve one of the country’s most-challenging food supply issues: Crop losses after harvest. The problem plagues Haiti’s mostly small-scale farmers,... Read More
Redjino Mompremier Student Spotlight: Rédjino Mompremier (12/8/2017) by Madison Behm - Rédjino Mompremier knows the challenges Haiti faces to feed its population. The Haiti native has seen firsthand what food insecurity looks like, with roughly half of the country’s population classified as undernourished. This is... Read More
New Lab Microscope in Haiti Haitian labs receive equipment, training to fight diseases and pests in crops (12/7/2017) by Remixon Guillaume - PETIONVILLE, Haiti — University of Florida researchers working with Haitians on a U.S.-funded project are lending their expertise to enhance Haitians’ ability to diagnose diseases in crops. The Feed the Future Haiti project, called Appui... Read More