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Weed of the Week- Dogfennel


Dogfennel is an aggressive native perennial plant, and is currently the most common pasture weed in Florida.  Studies have shown that significant loss of forage occurs if Dogfennel is not removed prior to July 1st.  Additionally, while cattle will not normally consume this weed, the leaves contain a toxin that results in dehydration.  Overwintering rosettes begin to grow as temperatures increase, and seeds will also start to germinate (April-June) and seed dispersal will begin November-December.

There is no specific timing to herbicide control of dogfennel.  Instead, plant height should be the deciding factor.  Smaller plants are easier to control.  See Dogfennel: Biology and Control for more infomation.

2 Comments on “Weed of the Week- Dogfennel

  1. I started an ornamental peanut area in my 1 acre backyard (I did remove all weeds inn the area prior to planting peanut & applied mulch when first planted and I hand weeded). However, two years later, I have been unable to keep up with invading dogfennel weeds, Bermuda, Bahia grass and other weeds. What can I use on it to eliminate the Bermuda, Bahia and weeds? Thank you

    • Hi Sandy, and thank you for the excellent questions. Rhizoma peanut in a yard setting is managed differently than rhizome peanut in a pasture setting and available herbicides are based on the classification of the land. One of our state specialists recommended mowing at this point since the ornamental peanuts is no longer dormant to prevent shading, and I’m including an EDIS publication ( with herbicide options. Please feel free to email me pictures at or call 386-362-2771.