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The Maypop Passionflower: Host Plant to Two Sumter County Butterflies!

The maypop passion flower or (Passiflora incarnate) is an excellent vine/groundcover that can attract a wide host of pollinators and other beneficial insects. My favorite about this beautiful native wildflower is that it is a host plant to not one, but two species of butterflies. The Gulf Fritillary butterfly and our state butterfly,  the Zebra Longwing. Depending on your site, one or both of these species will lay eggs on the plant. Once the eggs hatch, caterpillars will then start to feed. Don’t worry though, they will not kill the plant. Maypop is so vigorous, it can tolerate the appetite of the caterpillars. Maypop can be found at any local garden center or native plant nursery. It is easy to grow. Use it as a groundcover or have climb a trellis. For more information, visit:


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