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The Florida Cottonmouth: Respect It

The cottonmouth is the aquatic superstar of venomous snakes in Florida. Also known as the moccasin, the cottonmouth can be found in every county in the sunshine state. Cottomouths are relatively large snakes. Specimens can reach a length of five feet, but normally average three feet. Cottomouths like to be around water. Any waterbody can be a potential home to a cottonmouth. If you see one, respect it. Leave it be and it will be on its way. Cottonmouths are pit vipers. They have a broad head and a distinctive broad band that runs through its eye to the back of its head. Why do they call it a cottonmouth? When it feels threatened, it will coil and open its mouth. The mouth has a white-cottony appearance, hence the name. Visit this link for more information: