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How Gardening Can Teach Your Kids


“Nature is the best school ever”. Probably many of you heard this statement. Nature can teach empathy, compassion, sharing, and patience to your kids and the only thing you need to do is to promote a love of nature in them and see how they will become a responsible and grateful individual.

Here are five lessons kids can learn from home gardening:

  1. Hard work

Growing foods need hard work. Many children assume food comes from grocery stores. When children plant a seed in soil and wait until it germinates and grow up, see the plant or vine make a flower and then flower mature to fruits and vegetable, they realize that many things happen until they get a food. By working hard in the garden, they better understand the food journey from farm to fork and therefore they never waste food.

  1. Patience

Patience is necessary for success. Nowadays, cellphone, tablet, and TV become a part of our life and because our kids are exposed to them either intentionally or unintentionally, they show low attention and need for immediate gratification behaviors. Involving them with a good gardening activity at home and promoting patience and care for plants will teach children how they reach to long term goal by being optimism with hard work and patience. They learn from nature how to be patient.

  1. Interdependency

Garden is the best place to teach interdependency to kids. For example, bees carry pollen from one plant to another. They help plants to make fruits and seeds and in return, they get nectar from flowering plants. While children learn symbiotic relationship from bees and plants, they later learn how to play and interact with children with different backgrounds in daycare or school.

  1. Nurturing

Kids learn how important is nurturing and caring their plants because they see nurturing results in higher yield. On the other hand, they grow up as a better human being with more constructive communication with their parents, siblings, and friends.

  1. Enjoy life

There are many things unpredictable in gardening include too many rains, drought, pest attack, and weeds. All have an impact the yield and productivity of the garden. Just like a garden, our life is full of surprises and something that we don’t expect. None of our happy or sad times are planned. The point is to enjoy even with little things in life and find happiness in anything such as growing plant. Gardening and planting seeds together with your kids is the best way to be with them and teach them life lessons, and of course, enjoy life.