FDA Releases New Online Training

FDA Released New Online Training for Sanitary Transportation Rule

As of September 20th, 2017, the FDA made an online food safety training module available for carriers subject to the sanitation rule. The online module is free of charge in order to help the carriers meet the Sanitary Transportation Rule. The importance of this training is to provide carriers of rail and motor vehicles the proper awareness of potential food safety problems, basic sanitation practices, and carrier responsibilities. Carriers have the responsibility of offering the FDA training to operations personnel as a way to satisfy the training requirements. If the organization maintains its own LMS, the administrator can acquire the files and download the trainings for free. Once an individual completes their training, they will be given a certificate of completion for meeting the training requirements. All carriers who complete this training, will have to maintain their certificates of completion, which may later be asked upon by the FDA to provide.

This course is offered to provide basic food safety practices to transportation personnel. The module is only one hour long and it does not describe specific operating standards or practices, only industry best practices to implement and enhance food safety. After completion, carrier personnel will be able to recognize the role of the Sanitary Transportation Rule, identify food safety problems, and implement practices to prevent food safety problems. If you wish to acquire the online training module, please visit FDA Training for Carriers

For more information on this and Food Safety, visit the FDA Website

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