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2022 Guide to Seminole County Farms and Farmers Markets

Where can I buy locally grown food?

A guide to seminole county's local farms brochure front page

Seminole County has a rich history in agriculture. There is a huge diversity of types of farms locally. Both big and small, Seminole County is home to over 400 farms that grow vegetables, cattle, strawberries, citrus, ornamental plants and many others.


Check out this resource for more details! A Guide to Seminole County’s Local Farms and Farmers Markets 2022.

Why buy locally grown food?


There are lots of reason to buy local, especially when it comes to your food! If you want to know more about why you should buy local foods, visit this blog on the benefits of buying local.


How can I learn more?

UF/IFAS Extension offers tons of classes and educational opportunities to learn more about our local agriculture. Coming up on March 25, 2022, you have a chance to visit some local farms with our 2022 Seminole County Farm Tour! Visit the 2022 Farm Tour Eventbrite page for registration and more information.Seminole County 2022 Farm Tour Banner

2 Comments on “2022 Guide to Seminole County Farms and Farmers Markets

    • Hi Bruce, There is quite the diversity of farms in Seminole County! Many of these farms are private or do not market their products direct to the consumer. These are some of those farmers and markets that are accessible to the consumer. If there are other farms that you think should be added to the brochure, please let us know! We update the brochure annually and we would love reach out to any farms or markets that we are missing 🙂

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