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Seminole County Beekeepers Association

The SCBA meets on the first Wednesday of every month starting at 6:30 pm.

Blog by Eileen Barnes and Hannah Wooten

Beekeepers Associations

The Seminole County Beekeepers Association, SCBA, was founded by Dennis Langlois in March 2017.  The already established Orange Blossom Beekeepers Association, OBBA, helped to guide the Dennis with assistance from Eileen Barnes, Beth Fox, Susannah Austin. Tony Hogg, with the Florida State Beekeepers Association, also played a role in the successful establishment of the new group.  It was founded for the purpose of providing Seminole County beekeepers and new beekeepers a place to meet in their own county.  It began in March 2017 with meetings held at The Townhouse Restaurant in Oviedo, FL.  In June, 2017, a permanent meeting place at UF/IFAS Extension Seminole County Auditorium, in Sanford, FL, was established. Three hives were donated by Dennis Langlois, Eileen Barnes & Dawn Townsend to the association.  D&J Apiary sells bee equipment at the monthly meeting.  Membership is $15 per year.

Learn Together

Participation in a beekeeping association can help beekeepers new and old, silver and gold, to learn from one another.  The SCBA also hosts a monthly apiary inspection on three educational hives located at UF/IFAS Extension Seminole County.  SCBA members and volunteers who have signed all of the right paperwork, enter the apiary to learn together.  For new-bees, there is an opportunity to learn how to light a smoker, open a hive, and general safety.  Perhaps you have never held a frame of bees and are considering getting a hive of your own, this is an opportunity to try it out!  Even the most experienced beekeepers can learn and share techniques such as monitoring for pests and disease such as the varroa mite.

I  have heard the saying many times and many ways, and it goes something like this: “Ask 5 beekeepers how to do a task, and get 15 answers.”

There are plenty of joys associated with keeping bees and watching the work, but there are also some complexities. As you graduate in your level of experience, you will want to learn what your are looking at to know what is normal, what is abnormal, when and if to feed, and when and if to treat.  The more successful we the beekeepers can bee, the healthier our honies will remain!

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