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cardinal in home yard

EVENT: Native Plants for Birds

Songbirds bring joy and beauty to our lives, favoring us with their amazing melodies and enchanting nature. Join us Feb. 3 or Feb. 4 for a free class showing you how to attract throngs of songbirds to your yard, simply.

We’ll show you an array of native plants that provide food for these winged wonders, offer them shelter from predators, and allow them to safely nest and raise their young. Join us for tips and techniques on landscaping for songbirds, whether you’re just starting on your yard or looking for a change.

Register early through to reserve your spot and receive notice of any changes.

For questions or further information, please call 941-861-5000 or email If you require special accommodations to attend one of our events, please contact us in advance at 941-861-5000 or

NOTE: Classes and events may be canceled at any time due to low registration or other circumstances, with full refunds issued for paid events. Similar classes or events often are offered on future dates.