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rain barrel stockpile in inventory

EVENT: Saving money, resources with rain barrels

Want a simple, effective way to save money while protecting our natural resources? Join us Dec. 14 for our free “Rain Barrel Workshop” and we’ll show you how.

Learn how the use of rain barrels can conserve water, save money by reducing the use of potable water in landscapes (lowering utility bills), and reduce stormwater runoff by storing and diverting runoff from impervious surfaces (like roofs). We’ll also provide practical tips on the construction and installation of rain barrels. Register early through to reserve your spot and receive notice of any changes.

After the class, Sarasota County Government will sell rain barrels for $37 each, including tax and spigot assembly. Payment must be made by cash (exact change only) or check. Make checks payable to: Sarasota County Board of County Commissioners.

Join us for the workshop, and join a growing, wide-ranging group already saving money and water. Since we launched our Rain Barrel Program in 2009, participants have picked up more than 3,300 barrels, or enough to collect 18 million gallons of rainfall each year.


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