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FAQ: Government shutdown and SNAP

In light of the federal government shutdown and its impact on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Florida Department of Children and Families has released the following information in a “frequently asked questions” format.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Partial US Government Shutdown
Current as of January 16, 2019

When will I get my January benefits?

Your January benefits will be available on your regularly scheduled monthly date. These benefits have not changed due to the government shutdown and will be received on your normal day.

When will I get my February benefits?

February benefits for most people will be available on January 20th. These benefits are your February allotment and you will need to adjust accordingly due to the early release of the benefits.

What happens if my application or eligibility review is approved on or after January 20th?

Your application will be processed, and January benefits will be available the following day. February benefits will be available on your regularly scheduled monthly date.

When will I get my March benefits?

In the event March food assistance (SNAP) benefits are affected by the partial US government shutdown, DCF will immediately notify customers through social media, posters, websites, and other communication outlets.

Will the current benefits on my EBT card still be available after January 31st?

Yes, benefits already deposited on your EBT card will be available. Customers should budget the early release of February benefits accordingly throughout the month.

What retailers will be available to accept my EBT card?

Authorized EBT retailers are available to accept EBT benefits for food. There is a list of current EBT retailers in the state of Florida located here:

Will Temporary Cash Assistance and Medicaid customers be affected?

The Medicaid Program is funded through 2019 so the shutdown does not impact Medicaid customers. Temporary Cash Assistance benefits are available at least through the month of February.

Where can I go if I need food right away?

If you are having difficulty meeting the food needs for your household, please reach out to community partners and food banks in your area to find out how you can receive assistance. For more information about the location of your regional food banks, visit look for the nearest food distribution site.

For more information, visit, or call 866-762-2237 or 813-558-5500.

2 Comments on “FAQ: Government shutdown and SNAP

  1. I need to know why I didn’t get my food stamp on April 10 on the day my food stamp is supposed to be on my card I got some for March 29th but I didn’t get my April stamp I didn’t get no letter saying I was cut off food stamp so please call me tomorrow morning when you open up.