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Pre-Holiday Stress: A Remedy to Consider

Shaded plant archway looking out into the gulfDecember can be a time of busyness and stress. How easy it is to get totally “wrapped up” (so to speak) in holiday projects and plans! One of the best antidotes to pre-holiday stress is to spend a bit of time outdoors in a natural setting.

Scientific studies continue to confirm that our bodies experience measurable physiologic benefits from being in a garden or natural setting. These benefits include lowered blood pressure, decreased heart rate and decreased levels of cortisol (the stress hormone). The results of these changes lead to feelings of decreased stress and a sense of well-being.

The thought of carving out yet one more activity in an already-booked schedule can be daunting, yet very possible. Do you have a yard or green space near your home? Do you live near a park or other public green space? Even small amounts of time in the presence of plants and nature can create just enough of a break to relieve stress. Better yet, our area is surrounded by state and local parks and gardens. Strolling through these natural areas can lead to a much-needed boost of happiness.Garden landscape with bench

This holiday season, won’t you consider taking time to find a garden or park to visit? It’s peaceful out there and quiet too. Spending time in nature with family, friends or even quiet time for yourself is a great way to bring holiday joy!

Reference: “Horticultural Therapy”

This blog post was written by Master Gardener Volunteer Molly Griner, under supervision of the Master Gardener Volunteer Coordinator and Residential Horticulture Agent Anne Yasalonis.

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If you are not in Polk County, Contact your local UF/IFAS Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Plant Clinic.Serene garden path with steps and greenery

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One Comment on “Pre-Holiday Stress: A Remedy to Consider

  1. I enjoy hunting for natural elements to create Christmas centerpieces for family and friends for gifts. I not only get my nature fix but get some gifts made as well.