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Pesticide applicators raise their hands during pesticide gameshow

Earning Pesticide CEUs Online

Are you in a hurry to earn CEUs to renew your pesticide license or looking for options for that rainy day or midnight insomnia?
The University of Florida Pesticide Information Office has just the thing for you!
Take advantage of the opportunity to earn a wide range of CEUs online, available through

How it Works:
1) Scroll down to see the list of CEUs available.
2) Choose the kind of CEU you need and browse the modules titles available.
3) Settle on what interests you then click on “Before Taking a Class”. This includes information on your computer requirements and also how to pay for the service.
4) Pay for the CEUs through the IFAS bookstore before you watch the module.
5) Sit back and enjoy the technology. Some modules include quiz questions and are timed. Expect one CEU to take 50 minutes.
6) Look forward to receiving your CEU form from the IFAS bookstore, after you have completed the training.

The modules are narrated and timed PowerPoints, largely taken directly from exam prep materials available from the University of Florida IFAS bookstore here.

Use the Modules for Exam Prep for Free
Note that anyone can watch the modules without a fee, but if you need to earn CEUs, you will need to pay first. The modules are a great tool for exam prep. Has that Aquatics exam got you backed against a wall? Try the calibration module here:

In Classroom (Live programs)
In person programs are hard to beat for the opportunity to interact and ask questions.  Check out upcoming training from the UF/IFAS Extension Polk County Pesticide Training program here: .

Connect with your local Extension office here:




2 Comments on “Earning Pesticide CEUs Online

  1. My limited commercial spraying license expires in May I need to renew them. How can I get it done before then? I’m in polk county FL. Because of the covid19 will they extend my deadline for renewal? Can I do class online.