Doctor of Plant Medicine: Year-in-Review

As 2016 comes to an end, let’s look back at some our best times in the Doctor of Plant Medicine program!

We started the year off with a DPM social with Dr. Andy Vega

External Advisory Committee lunch!

DPM/BRE lab social at Dr. Hodges house.

Matt, Cory, and Ploy went down to Homestead for the Tropical Fruit Production course. So many fruits!

DPMSO Fundraising at Brass Tap

That day when we made a lot of succulent planters for our Ecuador trip fundraiser. Great bonding experience!

Carrot farm tour at Blaire’s farm where we learned about carrot production, and we met Seymour, the John Deere Sprayer!


Our first of many outreach event.

Benjamin, Kayla, Blaire, Cory, Matt and Lisbeth in Marion County for Ag in the Classroom.


Our succulent fundraiser, which was a great success!

Of course, congratulations to the DPM students that presented their research in various meetings!

Cory, Lisbeth and Nicole at 90th Annual Southeastern Branch Meeting for the Entomological Society of America in North Carolina,

Lisbeth  presented in Montreal, Canada at the Organization of Nematologist of Tropical America Meeting

Morgan, Ariane, and Cory presented their research at ICE in Orlando.

Lisbeth presented at the Third International Congress of Biotechnology and Biodiversity in Ecuador

2016 was a great year, 2017 will be even better!