Class Trip to Lake Alfred

Nematode diagnostics class went on a field trip to CREC (Citrus Research and Education Center) at Lake Alfred recently. The class took a tour of the facility with Dr. Larry Duncan, a professor of Nematology. He gave a talk about his recent research on entomopathogenic nematodes as biological control for Citrus Root Weevil. It was very beneficial for DPM students considering it was an alternative approach to pest control.

After lunch, Dr. Duncan took the class to a citrus orchard and showed us the damage caused by Citrus Greening. We also took root samples to extract possible root lesion nematodes and observed root lesion damage.

citrus-grove nem-damage-compressed

Ariane McCorquodale, second-year DPM student, said the trip was very informative,

“The image of the citrus orchard devastated by greening, nematodes, and citrus root weevil will be forever burned in my mind”

Asian Citrus Psyllid

Special thanks to Dr. Duncan and Dr. Mengistu for providing the experience!