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Category: Agriculture

100 Years of Connecting People with Nature

Whenever someone asks me “So what do you do?” in reference to my job, I usually end up saying, “I do environmental education for the public.” Sometimes this description works and sometimes it doesn’t, but in reality, my… Read More

Looking for a County Job?

The job title is:  Operations Manager, Urban Forestry unit.  The job application is on the County’s website Select “job listings”, then “current job openings”, then scroll down to “search openings” and in “description keywords”  type in “Operations… Read More

New FREE Mobil Apps Available for Plant Pests

FREE mobile phone apps have been released that are pertinent to Florida.  The android versions were released last fall, and now the iOS version for Apple iPhones is available (delayed due to federal shut down last fall).  The… Read More

Palm & Core Package Deal

Want to learn more about palms?  How should they be maintained?  What kind of symptoms do different nutrient deficiencies look like?  What are common diseases that attack palms?  Do you need any lawn/turf/ornamental category CEUs?  What about Core?  Now you… Read More