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Sustainably Sweet Celebrations

Sustainability fans always refer to the “sweet” spot – a point at which economic profits are in balance with environmental and social gains. Well, this February, think about these choices as you search for the perfect way to express your affection for your loved ones without breaking the bank.

Make your own meal- Buying a treat from the store or going out to a costly restaurant may be tempting, but making your own meal can be even more romantic and sustainable. Consider these when choosing a recipe:


     Strawberries- For those of you who like to showcase the colors of the holiday, strawberries are a great choice. Look for berries that have been grown in Florida; they are in season and haven’t been shipped as far as others. Choosing local produce cuts down on the carbon footprint of your meal and helps ensure you get high quality, fresh produce. (And, if you aren’t much of a cook, you can always check out the Florida Strawberry Festival which begins on February 26).   

     Oysters– A longtime staple of romance, oysters are produced year round in Florida, but experts say the cold months are when they are at their prime. A versatile food, oysters can be eaten raw or cooked and bought live in the shell or already shucked. Of course, as a coastal state, Florida has a lot of other local, seasonal seafood options.


Share an experience– Flowers and stuffed animals are great, but try to think outside the box this year when it comes to gifts. A new sweater may just hang in the closet, but a night out learning to dance or a trip to the spa is a memory you can look back on and enjoy. With Florida’s abundant natural resources and quality parks system, there’s always a new place to explore. 

So this year, take a new look at all your special celebrations. Try a new recipe, spend quality time with loved ones, and explore your neighborhood.  You’ll feel relaxed and best of all, you’ll conserve resources and build stronger connections.


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