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A Beautiful Butterfly Garden

Happy Monday!

Recently I was contacted by a homeowner in Palm Harbor who has spent the last few years transforming her urban landscape into a butterfly oasis. The photo below is a picture that was taken before the beginning of the project.


Before the project began.

A good butterfly garden provides a complete ecosystem in which the butterflies can live out their entire life. This means providing host plants where the butterflies will lay their eggs in addition to nectar plants and a water source for drinking. A former colleague of mine once said that if all you have in your landscape are nectar plants, you’ll get butterflies that just “sip and zip right out of your yard.”


Butterfly Life Cycle Image Credit: Bugboy52.40


This homeowner in Palm Harbor has done an excellent job providing all the elements that butterflies will need to live out their lives on their property. This photo taken from the roof provides a good look at the changes that have been made. Notice the bird bath in the bottom left of the picture provides a water source for butterflies.


View from the roof.



After the transformation.

A variety of butterflies call this landscape home thanks to the efforts of a dedicated family.





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Brian Niemann
Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Extension Agent