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Six things to consider for roof repair

How to Choose a Roofing contractor



Your roof is one of your biggest investments

in your home. Be sure to maintain it well, and consider these precautions before hiring a contractor.

  1. Re-roofing estimates and work can be heavily impacted by the quality of previous roofing work, including repairs.
  2. If roof damage is extensive, you may be required to bring your entire roof (not just the damaged portion) up to current building code standards.
  3. Failure to hire a properly licensed and qualified contractor may invalidate your homeowner’s insurance coverage. It may also subject you to criminal penalties.
  4. Failure of your contractor to obtain a roofing permit and comply with workers’ compensation and safety requirements may stop work and cost you more money to complete the work.
  5. If your contractor suggests it will be best if you obtain the building permit yourself—beware: this is never a good idea.
  6. If you pay your contractor and he or she does not pay the suppliers and subcontractors, you may legally be required to pay twice.

Your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home and its valuable contents against the elements. Maintaining it will help keep you comfortable while being energy efficient.

To learn more about roofing, download this pdf fact sheet from the Florida Energy Systems Consortium.

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  1. Helpful knowledge.Especially 6 precaution. People should know about these things before hiring a contractor.Thanks for sharing highly valuable knowledge.
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