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What’s in bloom: Flat-top Goldenrod

Fall is a spectacular time in Florida for wildflowers! There is a lot of color in our landscape this time of year. One of the wildflowers in bloom right now is Flat-top goldenrod, Euthamia caroliniana. This plant is a native and is also a nectar plant for Monarch butterflies in south Florida. Flat-top goldenrod is not a true goldenrod species, although it was once classified in the same genus as true goldenrod (Solidago).
Flat-top goldenrod typically grows up to 3 feet tall and spreads by seed and also by rhizomesIt is a perennial with narrow leaves which are alternately arranged.  The name flat-top comes from the flat-topped appearance of the inflorescence, or cluster, of bright yellow flowers.  It flowers from September through November, so get out there and enjoy it now!

One Comment on “What’s in bloom: Flat-top Goldenrod

  1. Thanks Theresa, there was a host of the Slender Flattop Goldenrod, Euthamia Caroliniana, last Oct. in an open field now just knowing this species, and what I think is the Late flowering Thoroughwort, Eupatorium serotinum nearby in semishade making the bees crazy. Boca Raton, Fl. Eager-to-learn Master Gardener, Pat.