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Sevin Use May Be Terminated

sevin dust - pesticideManufacturers of the insecticide carbaryl (Sevin®) have voluntarily requested amendment
of the registrations of that pesticide such that it would terminate uses in pets (except collars), pet premises, and all indoor applications. It would also terminate ULV application for adult mosquito control, and all applications by backpack sprayers. Lastly, it would terminate broadcast application of liquid formulation of carbaryl to residential lawns. The EPA is taking comments. Please contact the PIO if you would like to comment. (Federal Register, 8/20/08).

Other termination uses include: on wheat, millet, cotton, and fresh/succulent shelled beans and
peas (subgroup 6B), preplant dip or drench of seedlings or seed pieces, use on poultry or in
poultry houses. It would also terminate dust formulations on agricultural crops, application of granular formulations to leafy vegetables (except brassica).

To see the full article: Visit Chemically Speaking on the Web at: Speaking, September 2008 Page 6

One Comment on “Sevin Use May Be Terminated

  1. I am fully behind the termination of Sevin use for anything that might come in contact with any beneficial life forms.