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Close-up photo of Bird's nest fungus splash cups in soil

What are those little black discs?

Q: What are those little black discs?
Plant leaf with small round discs stuck underneath, plus text reading "#NotABug"

HINT: It’s #NotABug


You’re suddenly finding mysterious black discs stuck to your favorite plants?

(…or your walls, cars, windows, screens, pets, etc.)


Let me guess… it’s been raining lately… a lot.

Am I right?

So what are these sticky black mystery dots? Scale insects? Eggs? Aliens? Are they harmful? What should you do?

There’s no need to panic. Put away the spray. Click the link below to watch a quick video explanation of these fascinating, harmless, beneficial… fungi! Yes, that’s right! Watch the video to learn all about the weird, wonderful bird’s nest fungus.

Screenshot with hyperlink to Facebook video post - "What are those little black discs?



Prefer to watch it on YouTube? – LINK:


#NotABug  #FloridaFriendly  #WorkSmarterNotHarder  #AFungusAmongUs  #NatureIsWeird

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Read more about bird’s nest fungi in this UF/IFAS publication –


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2 Comments on “What are those little black discs?

  1. This is a good one and it fools many people. Black disc is a term used to describe the appearance of deteriorated spinal discs on medical imaging studies.

    • Hi Mohammed, thanks for checking out the blog, and for that interesting bit of information – I learned something new today!