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Trees in Central Florida

Trees in Central Florida

Central Florida has a variety of trees ranging from native to flowering trees. Trees have many benefits in Central Florida. Some of the common benefits include providing shade, wildlife habitat, a source of fruits, and reducing runoff. Also, trees increase property value as well as giving a landscape accent. Trees are selected depending on the planting site conditions such as soils, size of planting space, climate, and drainage. The various characteristics used to categorize different types of trees include mature size, shape, flowering, native, and drought tolerance. When planting trees ensure the right trees are planted in the right place. This helps to avoid such related problems like moisture, growth, and nutrient requirements.
Proper tree planting and establishment involves various steps and techniques. After determining the right tree for the right place dig a hole with the right width and depth depending on the top-most root of the tree. The soil layer above the point where the top-most root meets the trunk should not exceed two inches. It is better to plant a tree a little high than too deep. Planting trees can be done at any time of the year here in Central Florida. After planting, care and maintenance practices are done to facilitate growth and quality of the tree. No need to apply fertilizer. Watering and mulching should be done properly. Mulch a large area as possible to increase moisture and allow the tree to expand without competition and keep mulch away from the trunk. Watering should be done gently to avoid destructing the soil around the tree. Perform structural pruning when necessary and remove broken branches. An annual inspection is necessary to check for diseases and insects, but I will suggest to look at your tree on regular basis. Some of the common problems related to tree planting and establishment in Central Florida include improper pruning and mulch application, planting trees too deeply as well as planting trees in inadequate space.
If you want to learn more I will like to invite you to our Trees Osceola Program, after attending an hour class you go home with a FREE tree. This year we are offering the class in two locations, on Saturday, March 16, 2019 the class is at Extension Service located at 1921 Kissimmee Valley Lane, Kissimmee 34744 and on Saturday March 30 is the Mary Jane Aquatic Center in Poinciana located at 625 Country Club Drive, Poinciana, FL 34758. Registration is required.
For registration visit and for more information call 321-697-3000.

2 Comments on “Trees in Central Florida

  1. Hello. Where can I buy a Flamboyant tree in Osceola? Thanks.

    • Not that I know. Also, I do not recommend the tree here in Central Florida unless you have a big property. The tree’s root system is very aggressive and can damage the house structure and underground utilities.