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CitraBlue a new St. Augustinegrass for 2019

University of Florida Turf Breeder, Dr. Kevin Kenworthy will be releasing a new St. Augustinegrass cultivar called CitraBlue. CitraBlue will be a great addition to the warm season turf selection we have in the southeast. By the way, it is a cut above the rest. According to Dr. Kenworthy, CitraBlue has a striking blue-green color and has improved shade tolerance to Floratam St. Augustine, which is most commonly grown in Florida lawns. In addition, CitraBlue has a greater resistance to diseases such as gray leaf spot, large patch and take-all root rot. CitraBlue was bred and developed in Florida for Florida; this means that it is well adapted to Florida. In addition, CitraBlue handles shade very well, it also does well in full sun and has a dense canopy which reduces competition with weeds compared to Floratam. CitraBlue will become available in 2019. For more information on turfgrass contact Grantly Ricketts at or 321-697-3000.

28 Comments on “CitraBlue a new St. Augustinegrass for 2019

  1. Anyone have an idea when citra blue will be available?
    I’m a comm. landscaper I called king ranch but they didn’t answer and i got busy

  2. Good morning Grant & fellow readers!

    The information is very exciting as well as good. What about drought tolerance? I understand that it is better than other SAF cultivars. Is there any information on the approximate amount of water it will require at the peak time of the year?

    Most SAF cultivars normally require around 1.35″+/- of water per week, but that will depend on the cultivar requirements, surrounding microclimate, and irrigation water application uniformity. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, keep up the good work.

    • CitraBlue requires less water but I cannot say how much. I have a strip of Citrablue in my yard among Floratam and it stays green during times of drought when floratam gets brown. I will ask the breeder for specific information on water requirement.

  3. Thank you Mr. Ricketts. This is great news. By the way, if I plant Citrablue plugs on my existing St. Augustine lawn which is not doing well, will CitraBlue eventually take over? How close should the plugs be to make this happen? Or do I need to remove the existing lawn?

  4. We reside in a community in southwest Florida (Bonita) that is having a very difficult time maintaining its Zoysia grass. The community plans to replace diseased Zoysia throughout the community in October 2019 with more Zoysia. Would Citrablue be a reasonable alternative and would it fill into and eventually replace the existing Zoysia?

  5. Sounds great….I have been following the UF/IFAS for years. Is this variety resistant to SUGAR CANE MOSAIC, like BITTER BLUE?

    • There is no research with CitraBlue and SUGAR CANE MOSAIC so we do not know. We will be having a webinar on SUGAR CANE MOSAIC on April 2, let me know if you are interested.

  6. Sorry, I just saw your post. The Citrablue will not take over the lawn. You can plant the plugs about 8 to 12 inches apart.

  7. i’m considering a re-sodding my entire yard. i have numerous oak trees and thus have limited daily light. Additionally, the trees drop alot of leaves resulting in a soil ph thats on the low side of neutral, i plan to apply lime prior to re-sodding. Anyhow, i’m considering CitraBlue versus Palmetto versus Classic/Old St Augustine for the project. I was wondering what you would recommend, I have about 8000 sq ft. i’m also planning applying multiple applications of roundup to kill off the current grass which has a lot of weeds and bermuda mixed in with the floratam.

  8. Since it is 2020, hoping to find some CitraBlue… have you heard if yet available and where?

    • ProVista has most of the characteristics of Florotam except it grows slower and you can use glyphosate(roundup). CitraBlue use less water than ProVista,and stay bluish green even during drought. Citrablue has less disease problems than ProVista bit grow faster than ProVista. In my front yard I have CitraBlue, ProVista and Florotam. The ProVista is dying from take all root rot while Citra blue is barely affect. I cannot say everything in this text, I can be reached at 404-502-9155 if you need more specific information.

  9. Will citrablue plugs take over a weak floratam lawn? The house we just moved into has a poorly cared for and spotty floratam lawn in a fairly shaded environment. If I plug with citrablue and maintain it properly will it over take the floratam?

    • The CitrBlue will not suppress the Florotam because the Florotam is more aggressive than the CitraBlue. Use a weed killer to get rid of the Floratom and establish the CitraBlue. It is less expensive to use sod than plugs.

      • Sadly I can’t get citrablue sod in my area, none of the sod companies seem to be aware of it :(. BTW the folks at Sod Solutions said the citra blue is more aggressive might want to educate them.

        • Sorry to hear that you get CitraBlue. I spoke with Sod Solution and what we agreed on is that CitraBlue will not take over Florotam and he said it that if should happen it might take 10 years. Citrablue grows faster along the ground (horizontal) while Florotam grows faster vertical (requires less cutting). This is the best answer.

  10. Where can I purchase CitraBlue sod in the Tampa area?

    Sod Solutions said that Council Growers sells it. When I called Council Growers last week, they said that they do not have it.

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