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Essential Work Update 9/14

Dear UF/IFAS Extension Colleagues,
On August 1, UF/IFAS Extension entered COVID-19 Phase 3 operational guidelines. Details of Phase 3 operations were attached to a July 22nd e-mail from Dean Nick Place to IFAS-EXTENSON-ALL-L.

About 3 weeks later, this office decided to return to Phase 2 guidelines due to an increase in COVID cases across the state. Since then, COVID numbers have improved.

Therefore, effective September 21, 2020, UF/IFAS Extension may once again operate under Phase 3 guidelines. It is not imperative that anyone or any location operate in Phase 3. Moving from Phase 2 to 3 should take local conditions into account and the decision should be made there.

Phase 3 Coronavirus Response Plan

Please see the Phase 3 guidelines above, which apply to all university owned, occupied, or controlled lands and buildings. A county extension office and its environs are considered university-occupied. Briefly, Phase 3 includes the following:

  • Approval to host face-to-face programs with more than 10 people may be requested.
  • Approval will be provided if appropriate safety measures are followed. For example, face coverings are required at all UF/IFAS Extension in-person events, indoors and outdoors, regardless of group size. Also, social distancing (minimum of 6 feet) must be maintained, and groups should be no larger than the following:
    • Indoors: The total number of people for indoor events must be one half of the capacity of the facility as determined by the state Fire Marshal, must not exceed 50, and people must maintain a physical distance of 6 feet from one another. Therefore, the actual capacity may limit enrollment below 50.
    • If you have a large indoor venue, you may operate it at up to 50% of capacity while complying with the face covering and social distancing requirements. Depending on the venue layout and space available to ensure the minimum prescribed physical distancing requirement, the maximum attendance could be less than 50% of building capacity.
    • Outdoors: 250 people maximum, but venue managers have the latitude to set lower maximum attendance capacities for their venues.
  • Transportation: UF/IFAS Extension programs will not organize transportation to events during Phase 3. All UF/IFAS Extension vehicles must be sanitized after each use. All county-owned vehicles should follow county guidelines for sanitization after each use.

Nick Place, Ph.D., Dean for Extension and Director, Florida Cooperative Extension Service

Tom Obreza, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean and Associate Director

Michael S. Gutter, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Extension and Family and Communities Program Leader

Saqib Mukhtar, Ph.D.,Associate Dean for Extension and Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Leader

Phase 3 Coronavirus Response Plan

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