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UF Doctoral Student Uses High-Tech Method to Solve Greece’s Tough Mosquito Problem

By: Mickie Anderson – (352) 273-3566 Sources: Alex Chaskopoulou – andahask@ufl.edu, (352) 392-2326 Phil Koehler – pgk@ufl.edu, (352) 392-2484 View Photo GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A University of Florida doctoral student from Greece is helping her country control its… Read More

UF Entomologists Warn Floridians New Roaches May Be on the Way

By: Mickie Anderson – (352) 273-3566 Sources: Phil Koehler – pgk@ufl.edu, (352) 392-2484 Roberto Pereira – rpereira@ufl.edu, (352) 392-1901 View Photo GAINESVILLE, Fla. — As if Floridians aren’t bugged enough by roaches, a growing interest among reptile enthusiasts… Read More

Overfertilizing St. Augustinegrass Could Encourage Chinch Bugs, UF Researcher Warns

By: Tom Nordlie – (352) 273-3567 Sources: Eileen Buss – (352) 392-0400 Fred Baxendale – fbaxendale1@unl.edu, (402) 472-8699 View Photo GAINESVILLE, Fla. — A little fertilizer can perk up a St. Augustinegrass lawn as spring arrives, but homeowners… Read More

Largest butterfly in Western Hemisphere needs help to avoid extinction, UF experts say

By: Tom Nordlie (352) 392-0400 Source(s): Tom Emmel tcemmel@ufl.edu, 352-494-7402 Matt Lehnert mlehnert@ufl.edu, 352-870-4002 Eric Garraway eric.garraway@uwimona.edu.jm, 876-977-7470 View Photo GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The Homerus swallowtail is the Western Hemisphere’s largest butterfly, but University of Florida researchers say… Read More

Of maggots and murder – UF researcher says sleuths need new way to estimate time of death

By: Tom Nordlie (352) 392-0400 Source(s): Susan Gruner savethemaggots@cox.net, 352-514-5006 Dan Slone dslone@usgs.gov, 352-264-3551 Jeffery Tomberlin jktomberlin@ag.tamu.edu, 979-845-9718 James Cooney III jcooney@wcsr.com, 704-331-4980 View Photo GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Blow fly maggots are one of the best tools forensic… Read More