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Fact sheet: Rue


Scientific Name: Ruta graveolens Common Name(s):Rue Categories: Herbs, Poisonous Plants Comment: Decorative plant; bitter leaves added to salads, sandwiches,vinegar; crafts For more information see Boston University School of Medicine Healing Landscapes Description: Small, bluish, shrublike, perennial herb; leaves alternate, simple, aromatic… Read More

Fact sheet: Variegated Potato Vine

Potato Vine

Variegated Potato Vine Solanum jasminoides ‘Variegata’ Growth Habit: Vine Height: 15-20 feet Zones: 8 to 11 Light: Part shade/shade Bloom: White; spring/summer/fall Family: Solanceae Comments: Twining vine. Characteristics:  A fast growing shrubby vine is native to South America. … Read More