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Category: Pests & Disease

Q:  I have this thorny, obnoxious vine growing over some of my shrubs and I want to get rid of it.  Can you tell me what it is and how to control it?


A:  Your vine belongs to the smilax family and is called Laurel greenbrier, Smilax laurifolia.  It is an evergreen vine which produces a large, starchy root.  The leaves are alternate, simple with a waxy covering.  If left unchecked,… Read More

Q:  In my neighborhood we have several Sabal palms, which are planted in common areas that are covered with a snow-like fungus.  What is it and how can we treat it?

palmetto scale

A:  The snow-like covering on your palms is not a fungus but an insect called Sabal Palm Scale or Palmetto Scale, Comstockiella sabalis.  This insect is a common, native insect pest of palms, especially Sabal palms.  Females give… Read More