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Category: Home Landscapes

Q:  I gave into the request of my grand children to have a live tree while they were visiting me over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Now I am stuck with this tree and I am afraid it will become a fire hazard before New Year’s Day has arrived.  Any hints for me?

Christmas tree

A:The most important thing to do is to keep water in the tree stand at all times. No need to add any of those elaborate additives suggested by well meaning advisors, just plain, clean water will do fine. … Read More

Q:  I planted some cacti outside and they have been growing very tall but they are very pale green.  I have fertilized them but I don’t see much response.  Do you have any ideas?

Prickly Pear Cactus

A:   Certain types of cacti grown outdoors in Florida may experience the lighter discoloring you mentioned resulting from our high humidity.  Many cacti come from arid environments and although your plant has grown significantly, it is probably out… Read More