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Category: Fruits & Vegetables

Q:   I purchased three different kinds of bean seeds from various local garden centers.  Some of the seeds came up quickly and others still have not germinated.  What is wrong with the seed?

Bean Seeds Scarlet Runner

A:   The ability of seeds to germinate or sprout is called viability.  Often the seed packet will give you a percentage of the number of seeds you can expect to germinate.  The higher the percentage rate on the… Read More

Q:  I am growing a small garden with several varieties of beans.  I would like to have some of them dried.  How do I go about doing that?

dried beans

A:  Normally beans are left in the pod and on the vine to dry.  Navy, kidney, Northern, and black beans are common varieties used as dry beans. There have been few successes here in Florida because the beans… Read More