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Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping

Q: My neighbor wants to cut down here tree because it is covered with a small fern.  She seems to think this means the tree is dying.  Will this fern kill the tree? 

Resurrection fern

A:   I am so glad you brought in a photo of the fern as this made it very easy for me to identify the fern as Resurrection fern, Pleopeltis polypodioides. This plant is native to Florida and found… Read More

Q: I am having large dead areas on the leaves of my bird’s nest fern. What is wrong with it?

Birds Nest Fern

A:  Bird’s-nest fern, Asplenium nidus, is a large epiphytic fern, with erect, simple, wavy, bright green leaves which can reach lengths of 4 feet. Asplenium nidus `Crispafolium’, the wavy Bird’s-nest fern, is similar to Bird’s-nest fern but fronds… Read More

Q: What is the name of this fern growing it all over my neighbor’s yard. It is very pretty and filly, but I noticed it has tiny thorns.

Asparagus fern

A:  The plant you showed me is called Asparagus fern, Asparagus setaceus, but it is also known as Common Asparagus Fern.  There are many varieties of asparagus fern and a few, such as Asparagus aethiopicus, are classified as type… Read More