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Our Volunteers Rock!: Kelley MacCabe

The month of April is Florida 4-H Volunteer appreciation month! We are using this time to thank our non-traditional volunteers that enable us to inspire and educate the youth of Nassau County.

Embryology is an incredible and exciting in-school program where youth all across the county experience hatching chickens in their classroom. This program reaches over 1,500 youth each year and requires over 50 dozen eggs!

Kelley MacCabe of Yulee Primary School’s STEAM Lab implemented the embryology program into her everyday teaching for over a month. She covered everything from coding, animal care, species comparison, physiology, and even created a lesson plan from behavioral observations that kindergartners could do! She incorporated embryology into her math, art, reading, writing, tactile skills, and of course science lesson plans. Kelley was able to reach over 700 students alone with this program! She also served as the school’s primary contact and organizer to get incubators in multiple traditional classrooms. The embryology curriculum is designed for 2-4th graders, however because of Kelley’s passion and dedication 4-H was able to reach all primary grade levels.

Kelley’s STEAM lab is an inspiring place. She is renowned for having fun and educational activities on just about every topic! She is a knowledgeable resource for teachers and our Agents. Her enthusiasm is revitalizing and her creativity will help our school’s youth.


Thank you Kelley for being a fantastic volunteer!

You Rock!