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4-H Does That?!

Did you know?

Historically 4-H is rooted in agriculture and is popularly used for summer camps, but it is so much more. This program exists in every single county in America supported by over 100 public universities including the University of Florida. Our mission is to empower our youth with the skills to lead for a lifetime. It is a research-based experience that includes a mentor, a wide variety of subject-area projects, and a meaningful leadership opportunity guided through hands-on activities and educational opportunities. In Florida alone, 230,000 youth are involved in 4-H. Nassau County 4-H is a program for the entire county, not just the rural areas as many still believe. We extend from Bryceville to the Beaches!

So if 4-H is everywhere in Nassau County, what is it?

The four H’s: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.

Head: “I pledge my head to clearer thinking.”4-H is a non-formal, educational opportunity on a wide variety of project areas. However, clearer thinking is applicable beyond accomplishing a project. Our evidence-based teaching approaches help youth with higher-order thinking, goal setting, critical thinking, problem-solving, record keeping, and curiosity.

Heart: “I pledge my heart to greater loyalty.” Caring about ones-self and others is a fundamental mission. Heart also extends to communication skills, cooperation, empathy, conflict resolution and appreciation of differences.

Hands: “I pledge my hands to larger service.” Community service is important for self-growth as well as awareness and dedication to those around you. Our hands allow us to lead and teach, develop responsible citizenship and marketable skills for career opportunities.

Health:”I pledge my health to better living.” We must take care of our bodies in order to take care of our world. The health component of the 4-H mission does directly involve education on healthy lifestyle choices like diet and exercise, disease prevention and personal safety, however, it also applies to self-esteem and confidence.

For my club, my community, my country, and my world.”

As you can see, our fundamental basis is not one program area specific; 4-H is about providing the foundation for youth to excel mentally and emotionally.

We love our projects, but we are proud of our people.

What can you do?

Our county program has several opportunities available for many interests. Many of our project books can be used in conjunction with homeschooling. We do have traditional projects in the agricultural sciences but take a look at what else is available. We have clubs and the capacity for other activities youth may be interested in including:

  • horses
  • robotics
  • marine science
  • animal science
  • leadership
  • emergency preparedness
  • photography
  • wildlife and forest ecology
  • community service
  • horticulture and gardening
  • cooking
  • sewing
  • Rocketry and aerospace science
  • shooting sports & archery
  • public speaking
  • and more!

Basically, If you can dream it, we can make a program for it!

If your family can’t choose just one topic or have no idea where to start… Discover 4-H here! These are free downloads to get you started. You will start to be amazed at everything 4-H does do!

However, we cannot do this alone. 4-H is dependant on dedicated volunteers inspired to help youth become all they can be. If there is a program your family or community wants, take the initiative and host the club with the help of our staff. Even if you have time constraints, consider hosting a workshop or clinic on something your family cares about or making donations or hosting fundraising events.

At the end of the day, our past and current members can attest to the success of being involved in 4-H.

So spread the word that we are everywhere in Nassau County, join a club and never have to ask again, “4-H does that?”. Yes, we do… and your family can too!

For more information about exploring everything 4-H in your part of the county, give either Ms. Kelsey or Mrs. Kristen a call today at 904-530-6353.

Check out our Facebook page too and discover what’s happening right now!