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Brussels sprouts

Q:   Can we grow Brussels sprouts here in Florida?

A:   Yes, we can grow Brussels sprouts here in Northeast Florida but producing a full harvest is as unpredictable as our Florida weather. Brussels sprouts grow best with cool daytime temperatures, preferably below sixty-five degrees. Some fall and winters we have consistently cool temperatures but one never knows. Planting time is between September and November.

Brussels sprouts are related to the cabbage family. The tiny sprouts grow along the stem at the base of each leaf rather than one large head. According to Texas A&M, if you wish to collect the seeds for next year’s crop, keep the sprouts away from cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower. Brussels sprouts can cross pollinate with any of the plants in the cabbage family which would produce hybrid seeds. Purchase quality, disease free seeds. Several reliable seed catalog companies are available on-line.