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grass seed

Q:  I want to start a new lawn but I can’t afford to sod it all with St. Augustinegrass.  What kind of lawn can I start from seed? 

A:  You have several choices of lawn grass that can be established by seed: Argentine Bahia, Common Bermuda and centipede grass can all be grown is this area.  Do not mix the different grass seeds as each one has specific watering, mowing and fertilizing needs.

It would be best to send off a sample of your soil to the University of Florida for testing prior to putting out your seed.  All three of the grasses listed above prefer acid soils, so please do not apply lime unless the soil analysis instructs you to add lime.

It is important to purchase quality seed.  Remove all weeds prior to planting.  Sow the seeds in a north-south direction and then repeat in an east-west direction to ensure complete coverage.  The seeds should be covered lightly by about ¼ inch of soil to keep them in place.  They should be watered in several times a day with a light sprinkling (not soaking) to keep the soil moist – this encourages germination.

I am attaching a publication on establishing your Florida lawn to help you with other details.