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Zoysia Grass

Q:  Someone told me about a new St. Augustinegrass called Jaymur?  Have you ever heard of it? 

A:  Actually, JaMur is a specific variety of Zoysiagrass which is usually considered a high maintenance lawn. It should be fertilized only twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. It has a tendency to become produce thatch so it may need to be vertically cut or dethatched annually. It does show some ability to tolerate shade and cold which makes it very attractive. Remember, any plant, including grass, will need less water and fertilizer in the shade. The grass blades are much finer than St. Augustine. However, it is susceptible to some of the same disease issues as St. Augustinegrass if it is over watered or over fertilized. In addition, it is susceptible to nematodes.