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Cuban Buttercup

Fact sheet: Cuban Buttercup


Cuban Buttercup
Turneria ulmifolia

Optimal Light: Sun
Mature Height: 2ft-3ft
Light Range: Full/Part Sun
Mature Spread: 2ft-3ft
Soil Moisture: Well-drained to Medium
Soil Texture: Any
Wildlife: Butterflies
Salt Tolerance: High
Florida Native: No
Florida Region:  C,S
Drought Tolerance: High
Hardiness Zone: 9-11
Season of Color: Spring Summer Fall

Comments: Cuban Buttercup – Turneria ulmifolia is as small shrub that is very salt tolerant. It typically blooms March thru November and is tender to frost. These tropical buttercups are very pretty, durable and heat loving. They are a long-lived perennial that should be placed in the front to middle zone of your mixed annual and perennial border design. An idea for a durable container would be to use it as a ‘FILLER’ with Persian Shield and Diamond Frost for a planting that could reside on a sunny patio or porch for a year or 2 with just a minimal, pruning, care and nurturing

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