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Overcup Oak

Fact sheet: Overcup Oak

Overcup Oak grows slowly, sometimes to more than 100 feet in height in its native habitat but is more often seen 30 to 40 feet high and wide, forming a rounded silhouette with an open crown, large-diameter branches, and a twisted trunk. The dark green, leathery, lobed leaves have fuzzy, white undersides and turn a rich brown color before dropping in fall. The nuts or acorns which are produced are quite popular with squirrels, turkeys, wild hogs and deer. The rough, reddish or gray/brown bark is attractive and is worthy of display with night-time lighting.

Scientific name: Quercus lyrata
Pronunciation: KWERK-us lye-RAY-tuh
Common name(s): Overcup Oak

Fact sheet: Overcup Oak

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden