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Carolina buckthorn

Fact sheet: Carolina buckthorn

Carolina buckthorn develops an open crown of many slender branches and is usually seen at 12 to 15 feet in height although it is capable of reaching 40 feet in a partially shaded location. The bright green, deciduous leaves change to a gorgeous orange/yellow or red in autumn before dropping. The fairly inconspicuous, early summer flowers are greenish-white and followed by small, showy red fruits which ripen to black in the fall when their flesh becomes sweet and edible. Birds find the fruits irresistible. The thin, smooth bark is gray with dark markings. Carolina buckthorn is quite attractive in the landscape and is one of the first fruiting plants to show color.

Scientific name: Rhamnus caroliniana
Pronunciation: RAM-nus kair-oh-lin-ee-AY-nuh
Common name(s): Carolina buckthorn

Fact sheet: Carolina buckthorn

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden