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Fact sheet: East Palatka Holly


Discovered in 1927 growing near East Palatka, Florida, this Holly is one of a group of hybrids between Ilex cassine x Ilex opaca . The broad, dull green, rounded leaves have one spine at the tip and few, if any, along the blade edge. The 30 to 45- foot-tall trees take on a moderately tight, pyramidal shape. A female Holly plant, East Palatka Holly is heavily laden with bright red berries in fall and winter, especially toward the top of the tree. A row of East Palatka Hollies will look quite uniform, adding to the popularity of the tree among landscape architects and designers.

Scientific name: Ilex x attenuata ‘East Palatka’
Pronunciation: EYE-lecks x uh-ten-yoo-AY-tuh
Common name(s): ‘East Palatka’ Holly

Fact sheet: East Palatka Holly

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden