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Weed of the Week: Praxelis clematidea

Praxelis clematidea is known for it’s lilac purple flowers. Photo credit: Annette Chandler, MREC

Welcome to Weed Science Wednesday, a weekly post about weed’s found in Florida’s landscapes, production nurseries, and natural areas.

This week’s weed of the week is Praxelis clematideaPraxelis clematidea is an annual short-lived perennial herb and an emerging problematic weed species in Florida nurseries. Praxelis clematidea thrives in Florida’s warm, subtropical climate and is a prolific seed producer following germination. Praxelis clematidea is easy-to-identify with it’s lilac purple blooms.

In addition to the MREC Landscape and Ornamental Weed Management team sporting a newly-published manuscript on this weed species, MREC team member Annette Chandler’s photo was selected for the journal cover image.

For more information on Praxelis clematidea, visit the manuscript on the Weed Technology website:

The cover of the 34th volume of Weed Technology. Photo credit: Annette Chandler

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