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EDIS Update: Snapdragons

A snapdragon hybrid bred by Dr. Alfred Huo at MREC

One of the most popular and colorful landscape flowers for Florida homeowners is the snapdragon. Snapdragons are easy to grow in Florida, come in a wide variety of heights and colors and make beautiful fresh-cut flower arrangements.

Snapdragons get their name from their flowers, which resemble the jaws and snout of a dragon. When squeezed, the flowers will open and snap shut when released, similar to a set of jaws clamping down.

To learn more about snapdragons in Florida, check out the latest EDIS publication by MREC faculty members Dr. Heqiang Huo and Dr. Jianjun Chen entitled Planting and Propagation of Snapdragons in Florida.

A snapdragon used for breeding by Dr. Alfred Huo at MREC