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Vegetable Garden soil solarization

Summertime is the best time of year to solarize the garden beds to manage weeds, nematodes, diseases and soil insects. The soil surface is covered with a clear plastic, which allows sunlight to pass through and heat up the soil to temperatures that are lethal to many of these pests. If effective, solarization can reduce population levels of these pests for 3-4 months, sometimes longer.

Visit these University of Florida Extension topic pages:

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2 Comments on “Vegetable Garden soil solarization

  1. Re soil solarization – great idea. If we stay during summer I’ll use it. In fact, I don’t know why it
    wouldn’t work Oct.-NOv., and March – May. Direct sun can get pretty hot then.

    If we can grow mint in Florida Keys, I’m doing so because here in Maine my mint bed
    all went to flowers and many bees appeared out of nowhere to work the site.

    • The other months of the year may work, but again the recommended months are June-August. Variable weather conditions due to temperature and rain fall may make the soil hot enough or not. Regarding mint –