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According to the UF/IFAS publication by W. H. Kern, Jr., Assistant Professor “Dealing with Iguanas in South Florida The best measures for iguanas are tolerance, exclusion, and habitat modification.


Many people enjoy sharing their living space with a few iguanas. Learn to appreciate these exotic creatures. Do not feed iguanas in your yard. This will attract more iguanas and can create problems for both you and your neighbors by creating unnatural concentrations. Do not become a nuisance to your neighbors by feeding iguanas. Pans of cut fruit will attract rats and raccoons as well as iguanas. Be a considerate neighbor and good environmental steward.


Protect valuable plants with cages or screen enclosures. There are currently no repellents registered for preventing feeding damage from iguanas.

Habitat Modification

Avoid planting species that are preferred food for iguanas.

Remove protective cover such as dense thickets and piles of landscape timbers or rocks. Sheet metal guards of trees, palms, and dock pilings will prevent them from climbing. Fill vacant burrows with concrete and sand during the day when the animals are likely to be away from the burrow. Electric fences on seawalls and docks may deter or stop iguanas from climbing up on to them. Persistent harassment will also encourage iguanas to move to safer pastures.

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Photo Credits:
Edie Kehoe, Monroe County Master Gardener
Maryann Yentzer, Monroe County Master Gardener

5 Comments on “IGUANA BE GONNA?

  1. Hi Roberto,
    Azaleas don’t really grow down here. They are hardy to about zone 9b, we are zone 11. As for Royal Poinciana, I don’t have personal experience, but I don’t think its too much of an issue considering the size of the tree. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I have a business in the Florida Keys and would love to plant a poinciana tree and azaleas in my backyard. Does iguanas like those trees? If yes! what do you suggest for me to do?

  3. I heard in the Cayman Islands according to the Sun Sentinel that they captured over 166,000 green iguanas in 2014 and the population grew to over 400,000 in 2 years. It was crazy explosive growth. We have to do a better job managing the green iguana population.

    – Kris Reynolds – Nuisance Wildlife Rangers

  4. I’ve heard the BEST way to get rid of them is to get a dog.