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Pesticide application

2020 Pesticide CEUs or Workshops

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to slot some 2020 pesticide CEUs or workshops on your calendar.  If you schedule now, you can be more prepared as the year goes for other emergencies.

So, consider taking a pesticide applicator workshop if you are applying a restricted-use pesticide.  This may require looking at the label if you are not familiar with the type of pesticides you use.  Restricted-Use pesticides are harmful to the environment, people, or animals.  The label will state the reason why the pesticide is harmful and what protection is necessary. Read more about restricted-use pesticide licensing:

Do you need pesticide CEUs?

Or do you need prep courses for the General Core Exam (both 487 and 482) or Private Pesticide Applicator Exam?  Below is the UF/IFAS Manatee County 2020 schedule.  If you are planning to take an exam(s) for Private Applicator or General Standards Core, you must have a FDACS voucher.  This is a two-step registration process.

Step 1– register for the FDACS voucher — open two browser pages so you can refer back for the number.
You must obtain a voucher at

Follow the instructions to get a voucher number.  (You will need the voucher number when you come to take the exam).

Step 2 – register for the CORE and/or Private pesticide prep workshops on the EventBrite links below.

General Core Prep:  2 Core CEUs available (both 482 and 487).  The cost of this class is $25.00.  The exam follows the class if you choose to take it.

Register here:  for workshops on:
January 30, March 24, May 19, July 9, September 10, and December 15 at the UF/IFAS Manatee County Extension Office  – 8:15 am to 10:30. Registration starts at 8:15am.
Register for CORE pesticide training at UF/IFAS Gulf Coast REC (Baum/Wiamama) facility on June 16, 8:15-10:30 –

Private Applicator Prep2 private pesticide CEUs available  The cost of this class is $25.00.  The exam follows the class if you choose to take it.

Register here:  for workshops on:
March 24, July 9, & December 15 at the UF/IFAS Manatee County Extension Office  – 10:45am – 1:00pm.
Register for Private Pesticide training at UF/IFAS Gulf Coast REC (Baum/Wiamama) facility on June 16, 10:45 -1:00

Do you need additional workshop options?

Additionally, we have workshops in Hillsborough & Polk County, register at: http://tiny.c/hills_prvt_core_trainings
and we have workshops in Hardee County, register at:

Questions on pesticide application training, contact Lisa Hickey (941)722-4524 ext 1817.

What if you need to dispose of leftover pesticides?

Do you have questions about the disposal of your leftover pesticides?  Check out Liz Felter’s blog on Operation Cleansweep.